#UyangthandaNa: Fisani was so head over heels for Sabelo

Fisani was determined to go out there and get her man!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Relationships


And we could tell how excited she was as she couldn't stop grinning and giggling for a whole 30 minutes.

The girl could not contain her excitement after revealing to the whole of Mzansi how in love she was with Sabelo, a guy he's known for a while

What made this episode even more interesting is that Fisani admitted she'd been interested in Sabelo even when she was still involved with her ex.

Plus! Sabelo was not just a dude from around the way but he was also involved with one of Fisani's ex-friends.


So basically if Fisani was a real bad-bad she was going to cheat on her then-boyfriend & S'tina her friend all in the name of love. Thank goodness things did not need to escalate to that level as Fisani broke up with her ex and was no longer friends with the girl that dated Sabelo.

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Also, seeing that Sabelo was now a free agent, Fisani saw this as the perfect opportunity to shoot her shot & take him to UyangthandaNa.

The 22-year-old mentioned how impressed she was with Sabelo and his Zulu-like nature, that she wouldn't even mind being Sabelo's potential wife. Fisani also added that from UyangthandaNa she'd like to move to My Perfect Proposal and then onto Our Perfect Wedding with Sabelo.



Fisani really digs this guy, the poor girl couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear and the giggles were just ridiculous even Moshe had to take a jab at her for the constant giggles

Can we also discuss how unimpressed Sabelo looked when he realised it was Fisani who called him onto the show?

This facial expression is not of a man happy to be asked if he loves his crushee.

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Shame but if there's one thing we appreciated about Sabelo, it's his honesty, especially when he mentioned that he couldn't open a champagne bottle. 

Rather be honest than act like you know everything.

Although we were 100% sure that Sabelo was not going to agree to Fisani's love proposal, to our surprise he actually admitted that he did love her.

As for next week's episode, things look like they're not going go down well.

Oh gosh.


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