#UyangthandaNa: Lindiwe rejected but still happy

She may have not gotten her prince charming but Lindiwe still made it work regardless.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Relationships


We're still sticking to our guns, anyone who goes to Uyanthanda Na is brave!

Except if you're Akanang and Bakang, then you're just downright desperate for fame.

Anyway, focusing on this week's episode we were introduced to 30-year-old Lindiwe from Soshanguve who had a serious crush on a guy by the name of Valentine. How ironic.

The way Lindiwe described Valentine was quite passionate, she even went to the extent of saying that the man  made her blood boil.

Hmm...ok Lindiwe see you!


Lindiwe even went to the extent of preparing a romantic picnic set up for her and her crushee, Valentine.

Unfortunately, the reaction Valentine gave Lindwe was not the one we had been hoping for.

The man even pulled away slightly when Lindiwe tried to kiss him, hawu Valentine!

Valentine also explained to Lindiwe that he is already involved, but Lindiwe was not fazed by his unavailability, she even mentioned that she would wait for him..wow!

But just like last week's episode of Uyangthanda Na there was just something dodgy about Valentine, one minute he mentioned that he did not have a woman and but when he sat down with Lindiwe he suddenly had one?


Chris Brown meme

Even Twitter was confused.

Also, did you hear how Valentine explained how him and Lindiwe met up?

The man said him and Lindiwe had a 1-day relationship. A 1-day relationship? 


They had a one-night stand, didn't they?

Looking from the outside in we think Lindiwe should just move on and not wait on this man, it's clearly a waste of time. We appreciate her positive attitude after the rejection though, Lindiwe girl, you're going to be just fine.

Maybe a Valentino or a Romeo is out there waiting for you.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic