The bromance between Vusi Nova and Nathi Mankayi

It's not secret that these two have a great love and mutual respect for each other.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Vusi Nova  | Relationships

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Since they released their hit single, Nomakanjani, these two artists have managed to not only continue to succeed in their respective careers but in the process have also managed to form a good friendship between each other.

We see nothing but success and bromance whenever these two are in the same room or picture.


Not only do both artists enjoy making music together, but they also enjoy putting smiles on the faces of those who matter the most. Their youngest fans.

And whenever Vusi is performing, rest-assured Nathi is always there rooting him on. 

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Even when they're just playing around, making music, their private acoustic performances are always the best.

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In an interview with Sowetan Live Vusi explained how he and Nathi's bromance blossomed when he discovered his music.

“I heard a song of his and then I tracked his number down. I called him‚ and that’s how he got to Joburg."

Vusi also had a hand in Nathi's album release.

Now this is the kind of friendships we all deserve.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@NathiMankayi

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