What Did You Hear About Kay Yarms' Boyfriend Flacko?

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By  | Aug 13, 2022, 01:09 PM  | Relationships

Kay Yarms
Born on the 5th of April 1994, Kay Yarms, whose real name is Khethokuhle Ngonyama, is a beautiful and sensational social media influencer and vlogger whose topics are centred around beauty and lifestyle issues.

With over 230K subscribers on YouTube and over 400K followers on Instagram, Kay Yarms has achieved the enviable social media celebrity status and as such, subjects about her personal life including her love life are among the topics that her fans are curious about.

For the longest time, Kay Yarms kept her love life under wraps and kept the identity of her man a secret, the closest that her fans got to know about her boyfriend was when his voice was heard in the background of some of her videos. But that changed recently after social media police did their work.

Here is a look at Kay Yarms’ boyfriend Flacko, what he does, the rumours about him, and whether or not the two really broke up. 

Who is Kay Yarms’ boyfriend?

Kay Yarms and her boyfriend Flacko, source: Twitter

After keeping her love life under wraps for a long time, social media police finally uncovered the identity of Kay Yarms’ boyfriend.

On 26th April 2022, controversial celebrity commentator- Musa Khawula took to Twitter to share a photo of Kay Yarms with her alleged boyfriend only identified as Flacko.

Unlike many scenarios where it’s usually big news when fans find out who their favourite celebrity is dating and congratulatory messages usually flood their social media pages, the revelation of Kay Yarms’ boyfriend- Flacko was not met with much excitement.
Twitter screenshot

Tweeps flooded Musa Khawula’s tweet with replies and most of them were outright hilarious. From some tweeps commenting that it was indeed “a small world” and claiming that they knew someone who had dated Flacko insinuating that he is a serial player.

According to sources, Flacko is a Nigerian rapper based in South Africa. He reportedly dated one of Kay Yarms’ closest friends- Mbali Mkhize in the past. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why tweeps were not very pleased with Flacko and Kay Yarms' relationship as they already view Flacko as a womanizer.

Some fans were also disappointed with Kay Yarms’ choice of boyfriend and they thought she could do better than the rapper. 
Twitter screenshot

One tweep went as far as claiming that Flacko was a member of the booth club gang and that he was broke and living a fake life.

What happened to Kay Yarms' boyfriend Flacko?

In July 2022, some sources revealed that Kay Yarms had dumped her boyfriend Flacko after he reportedly cheated on her.

A photo of Flacko grabbing another unidentified woman’s b*m while in Sandton Skye went viral and it didn’t take long for social media to get wind of the photo and pass their judgment.

Although several tabloids revealed that Kay Yarms’ dumped Flacko publicly, the popular beauty vlogger is yet to comment on the details about her love life yet and she seems to be busy focussing on her projects.

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