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By  | Jun 22, 2022, 02:05 PM  | Relationships

Image of Thembisa Mdoda’s husband
Thembisa Mdoda’s husband has been one gem that Thembisa has been keeping away from the public. Thembisa Mdoda is the beautiful woman who has been adorning our televisions with the Mzansi Magic reality series of our perfect wedding. 

She is a presenter, actress, former radio DJ, writer and a singer. She is also a wife and a mother to twins. The media personality has kept her marriage secret ever since she parted ways with her ex-husband, actor Atandwa Kani, however, she has been giving us a sneak peek of her new man on social media.

Sources claim that Thembisa Mdoda’s husband whose surname is Nxumalo, officially married the media personality privately. This was concluded after Thembisa changed her surname on twitter to Nxumalo back in 2019 and started referring to Mr. Nxumalo as her husband.

It was after she came out to wish him a happy valentine in 2019 with a photo captioned ‘ Happy lovers day Ngoma Yam’ that began to believe the two were a thing for sure. 

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Mr. Nxumalo appears to be a famous character but his first name remains unknown to the public. The details however keep unfolding little by little through the little details our media personality keeps feeding us with.

The other thing that we know about Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is that he is in the media industry. This was evident when Thembisa posted a throwback picture of her husband and her on Instagram and revealed that they met on set. 

The former perfect wedding presenter also revealed in another Instagram post that her husband is in the film industry. This was after she went on instagram to congratulate him for being a co-producer to the South Africa Film and Television Awards  back in 2020.

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Thembisa Mdoda’s husband  is currently 42 years old. It is evident from the time the mother of two came out on 3rd March 2021 to celebrate his 40th birthday. Despite maintaining a very private relationship, Thembisa cannot help to keep giving us a few hints of her loving husband.

It is clear that the mother of two is head over heels for her husband whom she showered with praises for the support he gave her when she was diagnosed with covid-19. 

“You are not only the love of my life but my peace too. I wish I could whisk you away on a special vacay so you can breathe easy. Lie on a hammock and just relax. You deserve that peace of mind,” read her instagram post.

As of now, Thembisa Mdoda’s husband is still a puzzle yet  to be solved.  However, with the little information our media personality  keep letting out, the identity of Mr. Nxumalo will soon be out. Nonetheless, the couple is enjoying their loving private relationship.

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Thembisa Mdoda's ex-husband

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Thembisa Mdoda was first married to her university sweetheart Atandwa Kani whom they had an ugly break up in 2015. The media personality explained that the two met while in Wit University back in 2004 and married for only three years; from 2012 to 2015 when they parted ways. 

The marriage crashed after cheating allegations where it was proved that Thembisa’s twins were not sired by Atandwa Kani but a pilot known as Andile Nodada who is also not Thembisa Mdoda’s husband currently.  Henceforth, The mother of two has tried her best to keep her love life off the internet, however, we have details of her new man.

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