Who Is Mbalenhle Mavimbela's Husband?

Is she married?

By  | Aug 31, 2022, 06:26 PM  | Relationships

Mbalenhle Mavimbela and her television husband
Best known for her performance on the Showmax original series- The Wife which is based on Dudu Busani-Dube’s book series- The Hlomu series, Mbalenhle Mavimbela has justly earned a spot as one of the most gifted actresses of our time.

Along with her brilliant mind and great talent, Mbalenhle is also very beautiful and she has a good number of admirers who would be thrilled if they got a chance to date her.

But is this gorgeous actress married and if she is, who is her husband? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions then read on to find out everything you need to know about Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s husband in real life, as well as her husband on television.

Who is Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s husband?

Mbalenhle Mavimbela, source: Instagram

Sources suggest that Mbalenhle Mavimbela is not married in real life and if she is then she has managed to keep her marriage very clear.

According to sources, the talented actress is however in a serious relationship with a fellow celebrity in the entertainment industry who remains unnamed.

Shortly after Phil Mphela announced that Mbalenhle would be leaving the show, speculations that the actress was expectant arose and although she never confirmed nor denied the pregnancy rumours, City Press recently reported that Mbalenhle and her boyfriend welcomed her first baby about three months ago.

The identity of the father of Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s alleged child has not been revealed but sources close to her explain that the actress has been laying low and taking time to care for her newborn.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s husband on-screen

Mbalenhle Mavimbela with her TV husband, source: Twitter

While Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s relationship in real life is quite a mystery as she has revealed very little to the public, on television, the character she plays on Hlomu: The Wife is quite different.

On Hlomu: The Wife, Mbalenhle plays the lead role of Mahlomudladla, also known as Hlomu. Hlomu is a girl from Kwa-Zulu Natal who moves to Johannesburg to look for greener pastures where she finds more than what she was seeking. 

She not only finds a job but she also falls in love with Bonko Khoza’s character- Mqhele who is a taxi driver. Mqhele is one of the Zulu brothers who comes off as a sweet and a loving family man at first glance but has layers of obsessive obstinance especially when something gets in the way of what he wants.

Hlomu and Mqhele’s chemistry on-screen was so natural and effortless and some fans were even fooled into believing that the two might have been a real couple in real life which is not the case. 

In real life, Bonko Khoza is married to a popular YouTuber/actress called Lesego Chabedi Khoza. The pair got married in a lovely white wedding ceremony on 13th March 2021.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s character- Hlomu was not just Mqhele’s wife but was declared the national wife by the show's viewers who loved every bit of her performance on the show and some even declared that she was carrying the whole show on her shoulders.

Both Mbalenhle Mavimbela and Bonko Khoza will reportedly not be returning to the show for season 3 and while fans expect to see new faces of Hlomu and Mqhele in The Wife season 3 it is quite clear that the two thespians leave behind big shoes to fill and it’s everyone’s hope that the new cast members will be up to the task.
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