Zahara Is Single And Ready To Mingle

The songstress is looking for love

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zahara  | Relationships

This week has been a big week for breakups. First we found out that Nhlanhla and TK Nciza had decided to go their separate ways and now it turns out that someone else close to them (incidentally) is also single - singer and songwriter, Zahara.

The last time we checked, Zahara was rumoured to be engaged to her Ben 10 Boyfriend, Ian Sibiya. The two were happily in love and Zahara claimed that she had finally found someone who was treating her right. This came after she dated her previous partner, Amaza Ntshanga for nearly five years and the couple were due to get married and it didn't work out. Ian looked to be the knight in shining armour who arrived to save the day.

So, um, where did it all go wrong?!

To tell you the truth right now, nobody knows. A report in this week's Daily Sun claimed that Zahara was now "looking for love" and the publication even went as far as speaking to the singer who said, “After all I've been through, I'm looking for love. Everybody needs a break in life and so do I.”

This comes as a shock because in February of this year (i.e. 5 months ago) everything was rosy with Ian and the couple were celebrating their two-year anniversary. However, after doing some digging we came across a report from April (two months later) which claimed that her boyfriend (Ian) had given up on their love and moved out.

Although the site publishes some dubious content from time to time, claimed to have a quote from an insider who said that Ian had left the singer because of her ongoing feud with TS Records. The informant said to the publication:

“Ian couldn’t deal with his privacy being invaded the way it has been in recent weeks. Yes, he loves her. But him moving out was a decision he took to protect his peace and sanity as he’s not used to this influx of the media.”

As it turns out, that report looked to have a lot more legs than we thought because it's clear that Zahara is now currently looking for love. Speaking to Daily Sun, her manager also confirmed that his client is ready to be swept away.

Oyama Dyosiba (Her manager) said to the paper, “We have been working extremely hard on tours, line-ups and all the busy schedules one could ever think off. I want her to settle down with a well-deserved man who will compliment her and support her. I want her to be swept away by love and be happy.”

So it seems as if that is that! Zahara and her latest lover have gone their separate ways and now the singer is single and, by hers and her manager's own admission, ready to mingle!

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@zaharasa