Zizo Tshwete on her husband: He's the best guy in the world for me

Zizo Tshwete's admiration for her husband is really inspirational.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Zizo Tshwete  | Relationships

Zizo Tshwete and husband

She hardly speaks about her private life and her husband but whenever she has the chance to, she sings nothing but praises for her husband and shows gratitude for the life she has.

In a candid interview with Rorisang Touch Central, Zizo gushed over her husband Mayihlome Tshwete and how much of an amazing man, father, and husband he is to her.

"My husband is the best guy in the world for me, we met each other,  went on a date literally the next day and we've been together ever since for six years. It was just one of those connections that were instantaneous I can't explain it." Said Zizo

The media personality went on to admit that she was never one to believe in love at first sight, but when she met Mayihlome she instantly became a believer.

"You know when people say love at first sight, I was like 'yeah, yeah, whatever' now I can say 'guys! this thing is real. But he just came at the perfect time in my life, I had been through a whole lot of drama in my life which I don't care to even go back to. 

I was also just really focusing on my career, myself, what I wanted to achieve, all of that and so he came when I was whole which I think is an important part when it comes to finding a partner. I don't think you should find someone who is going to complete you, you should already be completed, two complete individuals going through this journey together"

Zizo Tshwete on her husband: He's the best guy in the world for me

Zizo also mentioned that although her husband's line of work might make him come across as a very stern and cut-throat individual he is in actual fact quite a nice guy.

"..because of his line of work, he can be so cut-throat at work which is what his industry calls for many times, but he is the most incredible person, he has the biggest heart, he's so loyal and he is the most amazing father."

Mayihlome and son cute moments

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During the interview, we also realized that Zizo is really cut from a different cloth when it comes to our celebrities in the entertainment industry. In the interview, she shared how for the longest of time, even when she was publicly known, she did not have a car and that she was totally ok with not having what other people have, whilst some people are flaunting their material possessions on Instagram she's more focused on other things.

Zizo Tshwete on her husband

"Just because you don't talk about the things you have, doesn't mean you don't have them, you just choose to communicate things differently so if I wanted to, I could also Instagram my car, I could also Instagram my house, my clothes.

But that's not the messaging that I want to put out there, so for me what's more meaningful is things like getting your body back after having your baby, that is hard!

So how many people are struggling out there like I am? That for me is more important and just knowing what are the goals that we want to achieve in 2017, that for me is also more important because in ten years time, fifteen, twenty years from now when people ask who was Zizo Tshwete? I want them to have meaningful things to say about me because we all got stuff but for me they're not that important."

Zizo for President!

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