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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rouge 

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"Dololo" rapper and Sony Music signee, Rouge, has just enjoyed one of life's most precious moments: finally getting your comeuppance over a crush who didn't appreciate you back in the day.

We all have those (I have 19) crushes who just didn't see our potential in primary/high school. But of course once we glow up (and trust me, we glow up!) they suddenly realise what they missed out on. Rouge was the latest benefactor of Glow Up Karma this week and boy, oh, boy was it glorious.

Not only did her ex come back into her life, he went as far as asking for a damn job:

Her fans were already accusing her of being bitter or holding onto the past so Rouge applied some additional context for those who were unaware:

"Lol context. Nigga like me ask me out  and I said let's take things slow and build to it and a week later was playing me with another girl. Yoh yall are alot lol.
Hence my awkward situation. I can't do it lol"

The clapback queen was still receiving flack online and so she fought back with unapologetic pettiness:

Let's be honest; if many of us were successful, award-winning rappers who had blown up and someone who mized us in the past tried to crawl back into our lives, we'd probably react in the same manner. 

If nobody else is, WE are proud of you Rouge. 

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Main Image Credit: Majesty Magazine SA
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