Salamina opens up about the difficulties of getting funding for the Baby Mamas movie

Making movies is a great experience, especially when the money is right

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Salamina Mosese 


Salamina Mosese who co-produced the film Baby Mamas together with Stephina Zwide last week in an interview with Top Billing revealed the highs and lows about creating this local film.

“We were battling to fund the movie but it has paid off, “she said.

The actress who also features in the movie and has added that she believes women are better storytellers than men and the Baby Mamas story needed to be told by a woman.

She also said their movie looked at an angle of how single mothers handle situations that are associated with romance and co-parenting.

“Women are good storytellers and women are open in telling their story,”


“We want to tell stories that are relatable and life-changing. We wanted to look at single moms and the drama that come along with being a single mom, issues such as romance, parenting and many other issues," she said.

Salamina also opened up on how she was stunned with the support she got from local people on her movie.

“I am overwhelmed with the response we got, anytime South African talent put out their good work, South Africans are excited," she said.

Baby Mamas was not only written, directed and produced by women but the cast and crew is also dominated by females.

The movie which premiered earlier this month has also started showing at cinemas around South Africa and other neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@SalaminaMosese