Sam Lehoko on her journey in radio and boxing

Sam Lehoko is determined to venture into other spheres of the industry.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Sammy Sosa 

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Sam Lehoko

Sam Lehoko's broadcasting career might have been cut short after she went from being the hot shot in TV and radio to someone the public barely heard about. Sam admits that she was too young and premature when she came into the industry, however looking forward, she also has a new found passion...

Speaking to DJ Fresh in a recent interview, Sam said that she felt that she didn’t spend enough time on the radio because she didn’t know who she was when she came into the industry.

“I think it was a bit premature, I didn’t spend long enough in radio...I guess I didn’t know what I wanted and who I was at the time...I love radio, I really really do love it, when I was still doing online radio I was really in my element…”

Sammy Sosa

Sam went on to admit that she was overwhelmed with getting offers from different places however still feels that she gave a fair amount of contribution into the industry after hosting shows like ‘The Hustle’ that trended on social media before, during and after the show. 

“I was pretty much overwhelmed, but I didn’t see that at the time...I did get consumed by a lot...most people go from TV to Radio and I went from radio to TV and it was all exciting, I was able to do what I want, people were intrigued by the way I sounded the way I looked and I think I made a nice contribution into the industry…"

The media personality has come a long way in her career, having worked for powerhouses, she is still determined to stride strong and says that she is growing fond of boxing and is taking part in a championship  

“I’ve recently started boxing, I box about four times a week, I have a championship that I’m playing in, in August, it’s pretty much for an anti-bullying campaign, but in the process of boxing and getting my fitness and my health back, I’ve realized that it’s something that I’m super passionate about, I absolutely love boxing…I might be a professional boxer pretty soon, you’ll never know…”

Sam says that she has a lot in store in the pipeline and is looking to venture into music again as she has spoken to well-renowned DJs and producers like Casanova

“’s time for me to produce and make my own shows, I won't divulge too much but there’s something in the pipeline with Mpho Popps...and music is one thing that I love...I’ve already started talking to some DJ’s and producers…."

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