Sarah Langa Is 'So Done With Humans!'

She feels nothing she ever does is ever good enough.

By  | Mar 22, 2020, 11:32 AM

Ever since it was revealed that her husband had left her because of her flashy lifestyle, fans have been waiting to hear from the horses mouth. However, Sarah Langa has remained mum about the whole divorce, instead she addresses hate and negativity from people.

In a series of deleted tweets, Sarah has bashed people who give out unsolicited opinions about her life.

She has remained vocal about people who continue to put her down all the time on social media and addresses the hate unprovoked.

She made sure her fans knew what was putting her off and revealed that it is humans. "I'm so done with humans," she said.

She continued by adding: "I can only handle being told I'm never good enough so many times. It's never damn good enough,"

The influencer shared a number of questions posed to her that aim to dictate how she should and should not live her life.

"Why did she have to do that? Why didn't she work hard enough? Why did she post that? Why didn't she post that? Can she say something? Why didn't she open her mouth?"

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