Saudi on polygamy & having girlfriends

Saudi wants all the ladies to know that he's a bachelor.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 


21-year-old rapper Saudi wants the ladies to know that he has no interest in being monogamous and says that you have to have money in order to be with him.

In a recent interview with Masechaba Ndlovu, the rapper said that he had multiple girlfriends and was willing to add on as long as the woman understands.

“I’m a bachelor, I got girlfriends, I’m a bachelor for real, from now on, I’m announcing,  I’m starting polygamy, if you pull up on me as a girl, know we gonna add but we gonna consult you when we adding, but from now on, as I’m standing here if you’re coming, know that it’s the polygamy lifestyle…” he said

Saudi says that although he might be young he is not playing when he says that he belives in polygamy and that any women interested in being in a polygamist relationship with him has to have money.

“If anyone approached me or I approach anybody, please understand that there will be polygamy, that’s what it is, that's the deal. And you gotta have the guap [money], you can't add and not be able to be a a ‘two-type’ situation...I think a person that qualifies to be in a polygamist relationship is a person that a lot of money...I’m finna [trying to] have a lot of money and I’m finna [trying to] have multiple spouses..."

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