#Scandal!: Vincent Is Key In Mthunzi's Ploy

Mthunzi is lucky to have him in his corner.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Mthunzi Mayiza is probably the most despised villain on television currently.  His devious acts have been skillfully portrayed by SAFTA award winning actor, Bongile Mantsai.

This storyline has been running for the longest of time, spanning from mid last year. Just when many were about to rejoice regarding his downfall, Mthunzi proves that just like a cat, he too has nine lives - if not more.

Avid viewers of etv's Scandal!  could find themselves being divided between Mthunzi and Vincent. These two characters have been working closely together, with Vincent being Mthunzi's help when the heat gets too much for the much hated Mthunzi.

Vincent merely works as a waiter at the Newtonian hotel. However upon close inspection, one could realise that the young lad's capabilities are far more advanced than those of being a waiter. His contribution towards helping Mthunzi in his shenanigans could never go unnoticed.

During last night's episode, Mthunzi needed Vincent's help once more as he has previously bailed him out on numerous occasions. This time around, there's a new mess that Mthunzi has engulfed himself in.  A woman by the name of Chichi is currently giving him sleepless nights as she is threatening to expose the truth regarding the real Mthunzi Mayisa. Chichi is Mthunzi's ex girlfriend and she is in cahoots with Romeo to bring him down.

Mthunzi was responsible for having Romeo kidnapped so that he could stay away from his wife, Xolile. Chi has been sending Mthunzi videos she has recorded herself, threatening him to expose him in public because the same video had been sent to Journalist, Hlengiwe Twala.

Now this isn't the first time that Vincent has covered Mthunzi's back, as previously, viewers will recall the period when Xolile's mother had her suspicions regarding Mthunzi's roving eye. Mthunzi walked away unscathed as he requested that Vincent lie to Xolile's mother about a female (Yvonne) that keeps him company by the Newtonian hotel.

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