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#UthandoNesthembu: MaCele Threw Major Shade At MaYeni
As for stating that MaYeni is actually number 3.
UthandoNesthembu: MaYeni An Unbothered Wife
She really knows how to mind her own business
#UthandoNesthembu: Musa's Attitude Towards Sne
Viewers were not impressed with his actions
UthandoNesthembu: Could this be the fifth wife?
A lot of women have made it clear that they would love to be the 5th Mseleku wife
#UthandoNesthembu: Musa's sulking exit was hilarious
The wives don't want a fifth wife and he's not happy about that.
#UthandoNesthembu: MaYeni puts Musa in his place
This Mseleku wife has clearly had enough. 
#UthandoNesthembu: Wait, did MaYeni just ask for a divorce?
Could MaYeni not be happy in her polygamous marriage to Musa Mseleku?
UthandoNesthembu: Each wife deserves to have their own wedding
Imagine having to spend your special day with your husband's other three wives.
UthandoNesthembu: Was MaCele not fond of the late MaSaule?
We're only two episodes into the second season yet it seems MaCele is back with the drama.
#WCW: UthandoNesthembu's Mangwabe
The fourth wife of the Mseleku clan and our ultimate crush.
#UthandoNesthembu: MaKhumalo misses us just as much as we miss her
It's only been 2 weeks since the reality show ended and we're already experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
#UthandoNesthembu is the highest ranking reality show in SA
We're honestly not suprised
#UthandoNesthembu: MaKhumalo brings viewers to tears
When the true wife of the nation is in pain, we feel it too.
#UthandoNesthembu: MaCele is rubbing people off the wrong way
Viewers of the show are not feeling MaCele's aura.
#UthandoNesthembu: Teamwork makes the dreamwork
It's not only the husband and father who is the provider of the Mseleku family.
#UthandoNesthembu: Musa Mseleku believes that any man can be a polygamist
Mseleku believes that being a man in a polygamist is possible regardless of your financial status.