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Mr JazziQ Joins Big Zulu with Spitz Collaboration
Spitz makes it clear, it has a “type.”
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Is Big Zulu Really Off The Market?
Ladies can hold their phones coz he is off the dating pool
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Big Zulu Was Found Shaking In His Boots
This is what happens when being a fan turns into being a stan
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Big Zulu Gets Dragged
"If I was Big Zulu I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night"
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Big Zulu Under Fire For Visiting Mama Esther Mahlangu
Was Slik Talk right about him?
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Pearl Thusi Wants Big Zulu All To Herself
Mama Panther pulls a Bonang on Inkabi
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This Is How Big Zulu Prefers His Woman
Kneeling to serve food in a restaurant? It's a NO!
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Big Zulu's Glory Might Have Been Fleeting
Tweeps are not buying what he's packing
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Big Zulu's D*ck Print Breaks The Internet
Fans can't stop zooming in to see his property very well
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Bonang Is Enjoying The Big Zulu Dating Rumours
"Hlomu and Mqhele were found trembling"
Big Zulu/Bonang Matheba
Big Zulu And Bonang Spark Dating Rumours
We did not see this one coming
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Slik Talk Hits Back At Big Zulu
This is getting out of hands!
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Why Big Zulu and Bujy Are Featured On GBV Doccie
They are both alleged GBV perpetrators
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Big Zulu's Heartfelt Tribute Song To Riky Rick Brings Mzansi To Tears
"It cuts deep"
King Monada and Big Zulu
Big Zulu To Fight King Monada In March
This should be an interesting match
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Big Zulu Drops Long Awaited Album
Inkabi nation is happy