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Babes Wodumo Wins And Mampintsha Takes The Credit?
But who is surprised after all…
Are Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha Expecting?
Are congratulations in order?
Babes Drops New Album And Mampintsha Is On Every Song
Was it necessary though?
Mampintsha announces girlfriend, Babes Wadumo’s upcoming album, Gqom Queen
Bonnie and Clyde are back at it, and better than ever!
Babes And Mampintsha Poke Fun At Coronavirus Outbreak
They have joined the many South Africans who turned the hysteria into a joke!
More Debt For Babes And Mampintsha
The couple owes a promoter R80,000!
Babes And Mampintsha Issue Apology For 'Impilo'
"Your disappointment is of great regret to us."
Babes & Mampintsha Stop Moja LOVE From Airing 'Impilo'
The docu-series did not broadcast and fans are livid.
Black Twitter Split on Babes & Mampintsha's TV Show
Will you be watching or boycotting?
Jub Jub's Ready To Host Babes & Mampintsha's Show
He also has an update about Uyajola
Moja Love to Air Babes & Mampintsha's Docu-Series
The controversial couple is debuting a 3-part series this week
Danger Blasts Mampintsha For Choosing Babes Over Big NUZ
Apparently Mampintsha is the reason Big NUZ did not perform at Fact Durban Rocks.
Babes And Mampintsha Told To Goduka
When it rains it pours
Babes And Mampintsha Document Their Love Life On New Moja Love Show
The couple is looking to set the record straight.
Has Babes Dumped Mampintsha?
Or are her Twitter 'hackers' playing fools with us once again?
Daddy Wodumo will not support Babes and Mampintsha reunion
Her father says he is done with the drama