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Is This The New Lady In Sjava's Life?
The musician posted a snap of a lady on his IG account, and covered her eyes.
Mzansi Reacts To Snaps From Sjava's Recent Perfomance
Attendees of the show seemingly all looked shocked?
Tweeps Drag Sjava Into The Comment Section Of Lady Zamar’s Fire Pictures
They are trying to start something…
Lady Zamar Appears To Shade Sjava After His Video
“Amnesia is an interesting disease”
Sjava Issues Statement Regarding Ongoing Rape Case
He spills the tea on his relationship with Lady Zamar and rape allegations
SABC On Sjava Axing From Uzalo
Seems he was never meant to be on the show for a long time
Lady Zamar Gets Questioned Over Her Looming Sjava Case
The singer added her two cents and got push back from tweeps.
Uzalo Allegedly Forced To Release Sjava Amid Abuse Allegations
Things are not looking good
Sjava Joins Uzalo
The actor is returning to acting!
Sjava Unveils New Record Label
1020 Cartel has signed 4 new artists thus far
Has Sjava Forgotten He Is Married, Again?
He only wants to take care of his mother.
Sjava Quotes Lady Zamar’s Song In A Tweet
This has fans confused
MUST SEE: Sjava's Throwback Picture Leaves Many In Awe
Fans could not recognize the Zone 14 throwback snap he shared of himself
Sjava's Dinner Date Gets A Lot Of Attention From Tweeps
Where is his wife when other wives are cooking for him?
Sjava Encourages Emtee To Not Allow The Negativity To Break Him
This after his ongoing feud with former label Ambitiouz
Sjava Gets Duped By Scammer, Macc Gee
But he was not the only celebrity saved by #MaccGeeMustFall