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Sicelo Buthelezi,Teddy from Gomora
Interesting Facts About Teddy From Gomora- Sicelo Buthelezi
How old is he really?
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Teddy's Half Sister Takes Brat To The Next Level
If annoying was a person, Sibongile would be it
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Sicelo Buthelezi Is Living His Dream
Congratulations to Teddy
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Gomora: Teddy And Langa Praised For Their Acting
Teddy and Langa's Scene leaves fans in tears
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Mzansi Magic Slammed For Promoting Teddy's Rape Storyline Negatively
"Snack Attack" was deemed too insensitive for a rape storyline
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Gomora's Teddy Wins His First Award
Gomora wins big at Royalty Soapie Awards
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Gomora: Fans In Awe Of Zodwa's Words Of Encouragement To Teddy
Zodwa is up for parent of the year!
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Gomora Fans Are Greatly Touched By Teddy
Ah, poor Teddy though.
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Gomora: Fans Think Gladys Is A Little Too Obsessed With Teddy
When is she going to give Ntokozo attention?
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Zozibini Tunzi Shows Gomora's Teddy Love
Teddy is a fav amongst many
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#GomoraMzansi: Teddy's Mom Is Mzansi's Favourite
Zodwa's character is giving Mzansi new quotables