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“Do You Have Family?” Zodwa Wabantu Gets Dragged For Dancing Pantless
Zodwa has hit back at the critic
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Zodwa Wabantu Celebrates Two Years With Ben 10
Maybe Zodwa has finally found the one.
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Zodwa Wabantu Shows Off Her Animals
She is a proud owner of a leopard!
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Zodwa Wabantu Slams DBN Gogo
Zodwa is not impressed at all!
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"Forever My Babe" Zodwa Wabantu And Ricardo Back Together
Love lives here
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Zodwa Wabantu In Hot Water Again
She reportedly owes money
Zodwa Wabantu
Details About Zodwa Wabantu's Wedding That Never Happened
She was a stunning bride
Zodwa Wabantu Net Worth
Zodwa Wabantu Net Worth: Just How Much Does She Have
She embodies "entertainment"
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Zodwa Wabantu Admits To Eleven Abortions
Is she lying for content?
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Zodwa Wabantu's Uncensored Upset Viewers
Viewers feel as though certain things are not for television
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"To Do What Exactly? Tweeps React To Zodwa Wabantu's 35K Booking Fee
Zodwa charges an arm and a leg t entertain her fans
Image of Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu's House - Fit For A Queen
She’s living the life
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Zodwa Wabantu Allegedly Swindles Event Organizer's Money
There is no end in sight to her woes
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Zodwa Wabantu Gets Banned In Another Country
Her "morally degrading stage acts" land her in trouble
Zodwa Wabantu, Who is Zodwa Wabantu?
Who Is Zodwa Wabantu?
How much do you know about her?
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MacG Makes An Outrageous Comparison Between Minnie And Zodwa Wabantu
"They both sell p*ssy.. One owns it, one doesn't"- he claims