The Redbull 16 Bars Challenge

Battle of the bars is taken to the backyard!

By  | May 06, 2020, 02:33 PM

Emerging Artists - Redbull South Africa is known for being a pillar of Hip Hop throughout the world showing their support to existing Hip Hop culture. It is one of the partners for different giant music festivals in South Africa such as Ultra Music which featured the likes of Sho Madjozi and South African Hip Hop Deejays. 
Ensuring that the culture is preserved, they have ensured that they keep the ball rolling for emerging artists. Redbull South Africa usually has challenges on their digital platforms, they eventually get to find the finest artists. 
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has been forced to the corner of social-distancing. Pausing the Entertainment activities — Redbull South Africa used the opportunity to create a challenge #redbull16barchallenge and there have been various artists who are participating including the SlikourOnLife Alumni, Class of 2017 - Flex Von Doom.
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Flex Von Doom is a Vaal based songwriter, poet and a lyricist. He has featured the likes of the South African rapper, Blaklez and the entrepreneurial deejay pH — on his single, disclaimer remix. In 2019, the musician released his album, Aqua.
He has also worked with the notable emerging artist, Espiquet and different artists from the SlikourOnLife 2017 class. Von Doom has released his latest single, Clique which premiered on SlikourOnLife.
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Flex has recently posted as a project that he is working on, on his Instagram page. The rapper is working on infusing the Amapiano sound with Hip - Hop. As a creative, Flex has explored into the quantum of possibilities about how far you can stretch as a creative and reach newer ideas.
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Believing in his delivery which has seen him creating hits such as Bano Mona, She Will and many more hits — Von Doom is pretty confident that this creation will soon be the new wave and upcoming artists as it will allow them to create the versatility of expression. 
Redbull South Africa has invited various artists and repost those which are outstanding to them and Flex through his underground poetic delivery, has earned the spot and recognition. 

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