#Somhale Secure The Land!

The IT couple are building a home in Swaziland.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Somhale 

Can we all agree just how much envy, Somizi Mhlongo, and Mohale Motaung are giving us lately? From living in luxury to expensive birthday gifts; these two are truly living their dream.

There are a few important aspects of a relationship that indicate that a couple is in it for the long haul - such as buying a house.

Well, that's seemingly the current stage that Somhale (Somizi and Mohale) are undertaking. This move can easily be perceived as a positive one, because it indicates that these two foresee a solid future together. The land is on Somizi's Aunt's property in Swaziland. And judging by the video that Somizi posted on Instagram, it looks really huge and breathtaking.

Taking to Instagram, Somizi posted a video - showcasing the beautiful land that they've just secured.

Instagram embed

There's just no denying that Somizi and Mohale are living their best lives. Not too long ago, Mohale turned 24 years old. As a birthday gift, Somizi surprised him with a sweet trip to New York City!

It seems traveling is an adventure that these two enjoy. During the last quarter of the year 2018, they flew down to Cape Town for some quality time hence they had been working hard to fulfill their respective goals in life.

#Somhale also has another project to be excited about. Season 4 of Living The Dream With Somizi is back on our screens and we are here for it. In one of the episodes, Mohale engaged with the elders of his family, whereby the 24-year-old was seeking guidance on how the process of lobola (dowry) would take place in his situation as he is a gay man.

The couple also had a quality conversation regarding their wedding and it got many excited. It was an indication that, THE wedding of the year which Somizi has been raving about will actually happen.

Congratulations to #Somhale!. What a beautiful way to build a future together.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/Somizi