Somizi's Lethal Clapback At Troll Who Dissed How His Mom Is Ageing!

"With my mom I will fetch you papa, I will be a straat mate"- Somizi

By  | May 12, 2020, 07:50 AM

Larger-than-life TV star Somizi Mhlongo, is known for dishing out spicy clapbacks, but this time around he delivered a lethal one at a Twitter user, who made fun of how his mother is ageing

This came after Somizi posted a snap of him with Mohale and their mom's, wishing them a Happy Mothers Day, but this ended on a sour note when the unruly tweep spewed bile on both Somizi and his mom Marry Twala.

The troll who has since deleted the tweet posted Somizi's picture and said, he feels sorry for Mohale, if Somizi would age like his mother, "Imagine if Somizi would age like his mom, poor Mohale."

Fans swiftly tagged Somizi on the tweet and he was quick to retaliate. The TV star warned the tweep about mocking his mom and said he would come for him. "Now show me your sexy flawless mom, with my mom I will fetch you papa. I will be a straat mate,” he said.

Somizi also said if he leaves in a thatched house, he must not play with fire "Dont play with fire if u leave in a thatch house…..I wud use the glass house idiom but I doubt u even know the feeling of living in such a house."

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