No More Collaborations From Stogie T

The iconic rapper is done with collaborations

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Stogie T 

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Many creatives usually crave to collaborate with certain individuals in order to fulfil their specific and desired artistic or even business goals.

Therefore, when an artist suddenly decides to cancel future collaborations, it certainly raises concern within their followers, who had enjoyed witnessing their favourite artist stretch their storytelling abilities on other creative projects.

One such artist is award-winning South African rapper, Stogie T

The former Tumi and the Volume bandmate recently announced that going forward, he will no longer be seen on a collaborative project with fellow artists.

Taking to Twitter, the Visa hitmaker expressed the following:

"Stogie T is officially closed for collaborations. Got one more song I am featured on and that's the end for being on other people's albums. I am so proud of all the features I have done. There have been some truly iconic ones."

He then proceeded to ask:

"What's your favourite song (that) I was featured on?"

Stogie T can be easily be categorised as an evolver of note. He was not always known as Stogie T as previously he had been known primarily as Tumi From V (Volume) to Tumi Molekane and now Stogie T.

During the course of that evolution, Stogie has collaborated with fellow rappers, AKA, Emtee, Yanga and Zakwe. His undeniable rapping skills were also requested by DJ Speedsta on his smash hit single, Vicky featuring Jay Claude.

Oh man, many of us will certainly miss hearing our beloved Stogie on a collaborative project, however, we shall find solace in jamming to his classic collabo's, of which he nailed to the T.

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