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Local has never been this beautiful

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

There's no shortage of beauty brands on the market these days. From the likes of Chanel Beauty and MAC cosmetics setting up shop in the country, the beauty gurus are definitely spoilt for choice.

The rise in the popularity of a good face beat also means an opportunity for local brands too. People will have you think that we don't have local beauty brands but we do - and there's a lot.

Here is a list of some affordable proudly South African products and brands to consider supporting..

Azuri Cosmetics
If that name sounds familiar, you must be a Thembi Seete fan as well. The icon launched her own beauty bar with an accompanying cosmetics line late last year. So far, the collection is still small as the business grows but Azuri has plenty of support from fellow beautiful famous faces like Tshepi Vundla.
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Swiitch Beauty
You may have seen this brand on your instagram feed. Swiitch beauty was launched by Rabia Ghoor in 2014 when she was only 14 years old! Rabia started like many of us - with an idea, support from loved ones and an instagram page. Swiitch quickly became a successful business, this allowed Rabia to drop out of school in Grade 10 to focus on her growing empire.
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Dupe Factorie
This brand hails from Durban and has sites on the whole country. They recently opened their second store in Cape Town. Dupe Factorie offers a selection of products which also includes their own line of makeup brushes. The brand loves to promote fun colours and encourage their followers and makeup lovers to step outside the box with their beauty regimen.
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Corium Skincare
Now, we can't be recommending makeup without recommending how you should take care of your skin. You know what they say, right? The secret to a beautiful face beat is a good canvas. Your canvas needs some help to stay beautiful and radiant too. Corium is a locally produced rapidly growing African-owned innovative Natural Skincare brand. Their products range from serums to masks and everything you need in between.
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main image credit: Azuri Cosmetics