Exclusive: T.Nale Releases Brand New Single With Zola7

"Zola is a triple OG and I'm learning from him"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | T.Nale 

Thabo Nale, better known to his fans as T.Nale, has released his brand-new track featuring the legendary Zola7 titled Hola Tjovitjo.

New school hip hop heads will know the 24 year old hip hop, pop and R&B vocal artist for his track "Attention" - which is considerably his best song to date. In 2017 he was featured in Omen the Chef’s “Nomayini” single which was featured on Channel O and Trace. He later released his highly anticipated single titled ‘Gamble Mama’ which is still making its rounds on many radio stations.

With the release of his new single, Zalebs had a chat with the muso.

He describes himself as "a person who is all about music" having started writing at the age of 9. With 3 mixtapes of full album length and an official album under his belt, T.Nale says he has learned to express his emotions through his music.

"My song, Attention was a message about heartbreak. It was about transitioning from a teenage phase to adulthood or adulting and dealing with heartbreak. I also write music that is inspirational because this industry is very cutthroat. So my music helps me to find myself," T.Nale  explains.

Like many musicians, he has had many challenges; especially when it comes to breaking into the industry, but his biggest struggle is making content that his audience will love and relate with. He is a perfectionist at heart and wants to give his fans quality music at all times.

On staying true to himself and remaining resolute in his sound, more so in an industry that forces musicians to change who they are and their content, T.Nale said: "For me to make the type of sound that they want means that I have to step out of my comfort zone. Essentially, Hola tjovitjo came at the perfect time. It's a Kasi Anthem type of joint and I'm mixing new school with old generation because Zola is a triple OG."

In the song Zola7 and T. Nale embrace their upbringing from one of the biggest townships in the world, namely, Soweto. Zola 7 has enjoyed success as a Kwaito superstar but also had his fair share of ups and downs. He addresses the media being the cause of some of his struggles in the songs but goes on to highlight his upbringing in Soweto and his fans for supporting him throughout the years.

"Working with Zola was inspirational. The way he records is on a different level because he has years of experience behind him. I went on tour with him in Nelspruit and I sw how he performs and how he conducts himself. I'm learning from him and on Holla Tjovitjo I had to prove myself to him.

"I’m not even seeing this as a marketing strategy but just making sure that music in South Africa remains authentic and grounded to the South African sound,’’ T.Nale continues.

Having found his sound on his album titled "CareFUL", T.Nale urges artists on the come-up to keep pushing because anything can happen at any given time. He also tells them to be weary of the negativity in the industry and always turn criticism and learn from it.

He promises his fans that he is here to stay and thanks them for the support.

Downloa "Holla Tjovitjo"  here

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