Tebelelo Sephuma to Appear on Mzansi Love

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Tebelelo Sephuma 

You'd expect that someone like Tebelelo Sephuma, the daughter of a famous Zalebrity, would have a greater chance of making it in the entertainment industry than the rest of us who are trying to release a demo or get that role on Generations.  It's probably already in the bag before she even auditions!

However, she doesn't think that of herself. For 21 year old Tebelelo, when it comes to her career, there are no compromises. It is thanks to her sheer hard work and talent that she has landed her a role in e.tv’s rom-com, Mzansi Love,  which returns today (9 July) at 20:30pm.  The Younger Sephuma is set to debut in Episode 4 titled “Kiss & Tell” .

Tebelelo who comes from an Arts background studied a combination of acting/photography and singing at AFDA, she’s also recorded a song with her mother Judith titled “Ask Me Who I am”

Tebelelo’s episode airs at the end of this month and will also feature rapper Psyfo and Khabodacious.  Tebelelo will be walking in the footsteps of her mother and we hope she raises the family's name as high as her mother has.

For those who want an idea of what to look forward to: Sephuma will be playing the role of an ambitious PR agent who moves to the Golden city of Johannesburg to handle the care of a troublesome yet charming celebrity who goes by the name of Thabo K.

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