Rapper Big Hash Blasted After Fan He Told To Sniff Paprika Dies

The upcoming rapper's reputation is in jeopardy for his ludicrous dare!

By  | May 20, 2020, 10:54 AM

News of a fan's death, that was on The Big Hash's IG live circulated around social media and the rapper is under fire for it.

Reasons for the fan's death, whose rapper name is YT, are not yet disclosed or verified to be caused by paprika, however YT's friend took to Facebook to slam The Big Hash for asking the rapper to sniff paprika just to get his attention, claiming that he was the cause of it.

YT was on The Big Hash's Instagram Live last week Saturday to try and get Hash to listen to his record. Hash then instructed him to sniff paprika so that he can lend him an ear. As a stan, he did as he was told but the repercussions of it were dire.

The fan then started complaining about pain as he was seen drinking water and said his eyes were burning. An amused Hash was laughing and the rapper told him to stop laughing.

"It's in my eye dawg, stop laughing," he cried.

Hash shared the news of the aspirant rapper's death on his social media, in disbelief he hoped that the news was not true.

He got slammed for not acknowledging that he made a ludicrous dare and found it amusing.

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Picture credit: gq.co.za