GOMORA Based Tattooist, Thato Mokhadi is Making Waves With His Creations

If you been looking for a great place to get quality tattoos then look no further than the Ink God.

By  | Mar 29, 2020, 09:00 AM

Armed with a dream and a passion for the art of tattooing, the brave and courageous Thato Mokhadi dropped out of his third year marketing diploma to pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo artist. His mother, who is his biggest fan and supported his decision to start his own business played a major role in Mokhadi's success. To honour and show appreciation for the love and his close relationship with his mother, Thato got two tattoos on his face of a wooden spoon and baking rolling pin which both remind him of his mother as she loves to cook and bake.

Like the beautiful meaning behind Thato's face tattoos, the talented artist is helping to bring his clients' sentimental designs and creations to life too. However, Thato is doing this with a strong emphasis on safety and professionalism. As an experienced tattoo artist in the industry, Thato has observed many young tattooists make costly mistakes in their eagerness to start practicing the art of tattooing. For the most part, many are uneducated about all the necessary medical requirements and precautions needed to be taken before proceeding with the tattoo process.  It was then at that moment that Mokhadi decided to start hosting the annual Alex Tattoo Festival in the efforts to educate young up and coming tattoo artists.

Quote "The worst that could happen is cross-contamination, infections, and permanent scarring or tissue damage. Because of that, I saw the need to educate the local artists and the public on the right and safe ways of going about it."- Thato Mokhadi

So if you have an interest in tattoos, whether client or artist, make sure to get your tickets for the Alex tattoo Festival happening this October as it will definitely be worth your while.

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