Here Are Two Noteworthy Experiences In GOMORA

For your exploration, check out the two top things to do and experience in Gomora according us.

By  | Mar 28, 2020, 09:22 AM

House Of Piano Events

The House of Piano is an Events company that is tucked away in the township of Gomora. This events company is well known for bringing good people, good food and good amapiano together in a crucible of unforgettable vibes. The House Of Piano is considered the hub of Amapiano, with the social event known to house and break the freshest Amapiano acts to come out of Gomora, a.k.a Alexandra. You might have seen this venue and event on Gomara’s Amapiano DJ's The Jazzidisciples ‘Long Last’ music video and Kabza De Small and Leehleza's Amabele.
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House of Piano even are strictly Amapinao events and if you’re an individual that enjoys this revolutionary sound, these are the guys you should be following.

Alex Cookout 

This cookout tells a positive tale of Gomora through the food that the locals love to enjoy. The local food is given a gourmet twist which makes it even enticing and Instagram worthy. The annual Gomora Food Festival features a variety of food and beverages, paired with performances by some of the local Gomora acts. If you would like to see what makes Kasi cuisine special and a staple in Gomora, this Cookout is certainly one to check out.

The Alex Cookout is suitable for families, friends and team building for corporates large or small.

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