Date My Family: Nonceba deserved better

Although she was dealt a bad hand Nonceba handled her dates very well.

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Nonceba Mtoba

Date My Family never seizes to amaze us with all the interesting people they place on the show.

We were particularly impressed with their recent bachelorette, a young lady by the name of Nonceba who is a professional nurse.

From the beginning of the show, Nonceba made it clear the kind of man she was looking for.

Nonceba explained that she wanted a manly man with a rather great physique, but unfortunately what she received were a group of men who were slightly lacking on the great physique department and had rather questionable careers.Β 

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First, there was this gentleman right here?


By the looks of this reaction, you can tell how impressed he was with Nonceba's beauty but when we saw that gold tooth, average physique and even worse, that tattoo in his mouth....yes in his mouth...we knew that Nonceba was not going to be impressed with what Date My Family had in store for her.

By the way, if you didn't see the tattoo it looked a little something like this.


Then there was the second bachelor - Peter who was also mesmerized by Nonceba's beauty.

Goldi Date My Family

Unfortunately, he was also another gold-tooth culprit, on the upside, he enjoys going to the gym, plus he's a musician as well.Β 

We immediately knew he was not going to be a favourite with most female viewers when he said he is not into fat girls.


Really guy?

Then there was rapper Kwanda - the rapper. He may have won a date with Nonceba but shame it resulted in a brutal friend-zone e


Even thoughΒ Nonceba was dealt the wrong hand with these guys, we must say she was such a champ right through. Her care-free character made viewers fall in love with her immediately. Even Boity tweeted that she'd love to be friends with her.

Shout out to Kwanda's uncle who pushed everyone to get the first hug from Nonceba. We high-key think that she should've actually just went for the uncle, he was buff and quite sure of himself.

Nonceba was such a trooper she even offered herself to be Kwanda's hype-woman whilst he spit a verse for her on their first date.

Mesmerized by her beauty, almost everyone on Twitter was wanted to hunt down Nonceba's Twitter handle

Oh and shout out to her for farting and not giving a damn.

And of course Twitter C.S.I was working overtime when they received a picture of Nonceba and this gentleman.

But Nonceba has just explained that the man in the picture is her cousin.

Nonceba Mtoba

So does this mean she's still single?Β 

Nonceba is so in demand at the moment that even some ladies are willing to also go out with her.

Meanwhile, viewers are still distraught at how she deserved better.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic