South African Celebrities Who Own Private Jets

Why drive when you can just fly?

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Cassper Nyovest
In these modern times, flying private is the ultimate symbol of success and wealth, and owning a private jet is reserved for those who have truly made it in life.

Let’s take a look at a few South African celebrities who own private jets or love flying in private jets.

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest's private jet, credit: Facebook

Mufasa is one of those celebrities who have made it in life and are enjoying the exploits of their hard work. 

The rapper lives in a large house, drives expensive cars, drinks fine liquor, and flies private. After buying his home in 2017, Cassper Nyovest got himself a private jet in 2018, becoming one of the few South African celebrities who own private jets.

Flaunting his newest asset on Facebook, Cassper posted a photo of himself next to the private “flying bird,” which was branded with the Ciroc vodka logo, which he represents.

It must be convenient for Cassper to own a private jet, given that he performs all over the world. 

King Monada

King Monada's private jet, credit: Twitter

This young musician and record producer from Limpopo is another member of South African celebrities who own private jets.

King Monada grew up in a modest background and has worked hard to earn his share of millions, and we are proud of the soft life he is enjoying right now.

In 2021, the We Made It hitmaker went to Twitter to flaunt his new aircraft with the caption:

“Sometimes you just have to wake up and fly around your hood to see your neighbours from above.”

Not everyone who saw King Monada’s private jet was impressed, and some haters started making fun of the size of the plane, with one tweep saying that it was so small that if he bumped into a pigeon, he would crash. Thankfully, the musician didn’t seem to be bothered by the naysayers.

King Monada also lives in a giant exquisite mansion, and when he is not flying in his private jet, he drives in German machines, including a Viano Marc, BMW M4 sedan, and a CLK 350 Mercedes.


AKA boarding a private jet, credit: Instagram

Also known as Kiernan Forbes, AKA is rumoured to be amongst the South African celebrities who own private jets.

In 2017, AKA expressed that his days of flying business class were over, and going forward; he would only fly private.

He later posted pictures of himself on a private jet that some people believed was his and Bonang Matheba, whom he was dating.

While the rapper loves flying in private jets, it appears that he has not bought one for himself at the moment, but it must be nice to be able to afford to rent a private jet, don’t you agree?

Black Coffee

Black Coffee's private jet, credit: Twitter

Black Coffee loves flying private so much that at some point, his fans believed that he had joined the club of South African celebrities who own private jets.

Commonly referred to as Africa’s biggest deejay, Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, a.k.a Black Coffee, is one of the most sought-after deejays in Africa and also one of the most expensive performers to book for an event.

The deejay who is always on the move to perform in different venues all over the world prefers to hire private jets, which we guess is just more convenient for him.

In 2018, he booked a private jet for an entire summer for his tour across Europe. The photos he posted on Twitter almost broke the internet as his fans flooded congratulatory messages to him for his new purchase.

As one of the very few gentlemen left in South Africa, Black Coffee was quick to thank his fans for the congratulations and verify that he didn’t own the private jet but was only renting it for the summer. 

He further revealed that he had plans of buying a private jet in the future, but his focus at the time was elsewhere.

Shepherd Bushiri

Shepherd Bushiri's private jet, credit: Facebook

Although not South African by birth, this man of God’s church has its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, where most operations occur.

Shepherd Bushiri is one of the wealthiest pastors in Africa and among the few celebrities who own private jets. Justifying his reason for buying a private jet, Bushiri explained that it was exhausting to travel all over the world to meet his congregation using public transport. 

The head pastor of Enlightened Christian Gathering purchased his third private jet in 2016, which cost him a whopping $37 million. On Facebook, he posted, “My third jet in two years.” 

In 2019, one of this controversial man of God’s jets was impounded by the South African government after being arrested for fraud, and it was suspected that he bought the private jet with fraudulent money. 

Other South African celebrities who love to travel in private jets include Bonang Matheba, Minnie Dlamini, and Somizi, just to name a few. When you pray for success, make sure you pray to the God of these celebrities because we love how he answers prayers.
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