Zodwa Wabantu: "I Can't Pretend"

The entertainer is not one to easily forget

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A person that does not find it easy to trust, mostly likely also struggles to forgive as well. The world is full of people who are walking around with invincible swords stuck on their backs, which surely contributes to the person's mistrust in fellow human beings.

South African popular entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu fits into this category of people. The Soweto born star has recently opened up about how the process of forgiving is quite a slow one as she believes that the person that has wronged her, should sincerely display acts and emotions of regret before regaining her trust.

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In the video, Zodwa posted on her Instagram, she said the following:

''I live by my rules and i am on my own lane. I am minding my own business. I see everything but i choose not to entertain some of these things and on top of that i can't pretend.'

She continued to add:''So if you have ever wronged me, i still feel the same because i can't pretend. I can't fool myself, she concluded.''

It is truly tough in these streets, just make sure you never step on Zodwa's toes next time you see her or else you might have bagged yourself an eternal grudge.

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