A Look At Thami Ndlali's Net Worth And Sources Of Wealth

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Thami Ndlali
Thami Ndlala is a wealthy and controversial businessman who caught public attention after being involved with Lerato Kganyango.

The wealthy businessman who was born and raised in Mpumalanga has been involved in various fraud allegations in the past few years but the allegations don’t seem to shake him

Here is a look at Thami Ndlala’s net worth, his sources of wealth, fraud allegations, his cars and house, as well as his beautiful companion.

What is Thami Ndlala’s net worth?

According to several online sources, Thami Ndlali’s net worth is estimated to be around R1 billion.

Thami Ndlala's sources of wealth

Thami Ndlala’s net worth has been majorly built from the profits he makes from his chains of businesses.

Among the companies he runs include a luxury car transportation business called Two Ndlala Brothers, a business consulting company called Thami Ndlala Holdings and a community and healthcare service provider called Adorantha, among others.

He was also born into a well-off family and his father was the late Joe Ndlala- a chief of Mpumalanga who was known for his compassion for his people. After his death, Thami started the Joe Ndlala Foundation in honour of his father.

Thami Ndlala’s fraud allegations

Although it is widely believed that Thami has accumulated his incredible wealth from his success in business, the wealthy businessman has found himself on the wrong side of the law several times with regards to his wealth acquisition.

Thami Ndlala made headlines in 2020 after it emerged that he had two identification documents with conflicting dates of birth- while one showed that he was born in 1988, the other one indicated that he was born in 1981.

He was also reported to have allegedly scammed numerous retirees of their pensions by advising them to invest in his forex trading company with the promise of getting many returns only to leave them high and dry.

Thami Ndlala cars and house

Thami and Lerato's house, source: Savanna news

Thami Ndlala’s net worth affords him the luxury life that many can only dream of including driving expensive luxury cars.

He reportedly owns a fleet of expensive machines including a Rolls Royce Phantom which is valued at between R6 million and R12 million, a Bentley that is valued at between R2 million to R3 million and a Ferrari.

He also reportedly lives in a beautiful stately mansion in Sandton Johannesburg that reportedly cost a whopping R10 million.

From the photos circulated online, the giant house sits on a spacious compound and has, among other features, a large outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, and a large patio.

Who is Thami Ndlala’s wife?

Thami Ndlala with his wife Lerato Kganyango, source: Instagram

Thami is married to popular model and media personality- Lerato Kganyago. The pair got married in a traditional wedding ceremony that was held at Lerato Kganyago’s mother’s house in Boksburg in March 2020.

A couple of weeks after their wedding, Thami and Lerato called it quits on their marriage and the beautiful even moved out of her marital home but their love story wasn’t over. 

The pair got back together again and it wasn’t long before Thami asked Lerato to marry him again in a romantic proposal. The couple got married again and in March 2022, they celebrated their second wedding anniversary.
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