A Memorable #SAFTAs13 night

Most people that won deserved it.

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Out of all the SAFTAs we've watched over the years, this year's ceremony will go down as one of the most memorable.

Why may you ask? Well, because there were so many actors whose victory was long overdue.


What also made the award ceremony memorable were all the touching speeches that the actors delivered. All the speeches really came from the heart and also highlighted how difficult and sometimes unrecognised actor's are when it comes to their craft.

For example, we were quite surprised to have learned that Lorcia Khumalo was receiving her first ever nomination and SAFTA win. We also appreciated her concern about regularly seeing people of colour receive roles that are type-cast. Her speech evoked a lot of emotions not only in her but in a lot of actors who related to a lot of what she said in her speech.

Another speech that broke our hearts was Moshidi Motshegwa's heart-wrenching speech dedicated to her mother and late father. Moshidi shared that for the past year she has been sleeping every night alongside her mother who is mourning the passing of her husband she's been with for more than 43-years.

Moshidi shared that every morning when she woke up to go on the set of The River, she carried her mother's pain which ultimately did help her perform her best on the show.

We were also glad to see a lot of laughter and celebration for shows like The River and Uzalo. Both of these television shows have captured the attention of South African viewers in many ways and to be honest, their wins were not a surprise.

If Uzalo or The River did not win, only then would we have been shocked.

Even The Queen's Rami Chuene attested to the fact that this year, the SAFTAs really did do all the right things to ensure that these actors and production companies received their flowers while they can still smell them.

We were also glad to see the likes of Zolisa Xaluva receive the recognition he deserves. Zolisa has been in the game for years and it was high-time he got given his golden horn.

It was also quite clear that many people were rooting for his win.

Zolisa's speech also resonated with many who felt very encouraged by his speech.

What a memorable night the SAFTAs were and we can only hope that this will be the continuation of acknowledging actors and production companies that really deserve to be honoured for their craft and bringing so much magic and entertainment into our living rooms every year and every evening.

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