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A Reece
A Reece is one of the most talented breeds of young hip hop musicians in South Africa whose music meets international standards.

The 25-year-old rapper who launched his career barely a decade ago has enjoyed substantial success in his journey and he is busy reaping the rewards of his talents and hard work.

This article discusses A Reece’s car, his house, his musical journey, as well as his net worth which affords him the soft life he deserves.

A Reece’s car

A Reece's car, source: Instagram

A Reece's car is a beautiful white Mercedes Benz 230 SL automatic. According to sources, this machine costs between R 600,000 to R 1 million.

The Mercedes Benz 230 SL is a timeless German machine that combines both beauty and purpose in its design.

Since buying the Mercedes, A Reece has been spotted several times riding with his girlfriend and other times with his friends and we must comment that the car suits him.

The Couldn't hitmaker bought this convertible after leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2017. Following his departure, A Reece claimed that the record label had never paid him despite releasing music and performing at shows. He revealed that he had not been able to even buy himself a car despite producing some great hits.

Recently, A Reece was seen driving in a Ferrari and while some sources speculate that it belongs to him, there has been no formal confirmation from the rapper about the Ferrari.

A Reece house

A Reece, source: Instagram

According to sources, A-Reece bought himself a beautiful house in 2019 also after his departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment. 

The value of A Reece’s house is unknown but it is reportedly located in the Pretoria suburbs which means that the rapper must have spent some good money on it.

It is reported that A Reece lives with the other members of the Wrecking Crew group, of which he is a former member.

A Reece background and music career

A Reece's car, source: Facebook

Born Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge in Pretoria in 1997, A Reece has grown to become one of the biggest names in South Africa’s rap industry.

A Reece discovered his passion for rap at a very young age after getting inspired by his older brother Jay Jody who is also a rapper.

In 2015, A Reece got signed by Kgosi Mahumapelo’s record label- Ambitiouz Entertainment. He collaborated with Emtee to release Couldn’t which was an instant hit and helped him gain publicity.

He released his debut album in 2016 called Paradise which was a success and was number one on iTunes less than 24 hours after its release.

After a fall-out with Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2017, A Reece left the record label and became an independent musician with no management.

Since launching his career, A Reece has released two studio albums, a good number of singles, several extended plays (EP), mixtapes, and collaborations.

Recently, A Reece caused a stir online after he proclaimed himself as the best rapper in Africa. While a few tweeps begged to differ with him, his legion of fans seem to agree with him.

A Reece net worth

Several online sources estimate A Reece’s net worth to be around $500, 000 which is roughly equivalent to about R7.2 million.

He has accumulated this impressive wealth from the sales of his music albums, YouTube views, live performances, and endorsements with brands such as VANS.

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