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International celebs with Mzansi Roots.

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Generally, American celebrities are usually looked upon with intense marvel and reverence because that fraction of the entertainment industry world is known to be more viable and stable compared to other entertainment industries across various parts of the world.

The power of the media has managed to get some ordinary folks thinking that their favourite celebrities are far fetched beings, who almost seem untouchable. However that notion is nowhere close to the truth, as celebrities are obviously human, with real personalities and emotions including American celebrities who some South Africans probably wont finding resonance with.

...But there truly is something inspiring about the power of assimilation, right? Just knowing that an A-list American celebrity has strong ties to South Africa is enough to bring about feelings of inspiration and hope within ourselves.

We have compiled a list of a few American born or based celebrities that have some of that Mzansi blood running through their veins. They serve as an inspiration and have seemingly made success attainable.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

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Yep, believe or not, Daniel Radcliffe has that African magic flowing through his veins. The Harry Potter sensation was born in London to a South African woman, Jeannine Gresham hence his maternal Grandfather was also South African, and has been widely described as ''not so nice'' man, which then led to Daniel's Mother and Grandmother to flee to England.

2. Gugu Mbatha - Raw

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Gugu Mbatha - Raw is another one of our own - well partially. The talented English Actor was born in England to a South African Doctor, Patrick Mbatha and English Nurse, Anne Raw. Not much was known about Gugu until her thrilling performance on Amma Asante's film, Belle.  Her parents separated when she was only year old but she still maintains a close relationship with her Dad.

3. Trevor Noah

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The number three spot is occupied by the one and only Trevor Noah. The above photograph is of himself with his Grandmother, Francis Noah, whom he has previously mentioned that they share a close relationship. The host of The Daily Show was born in Johannesburg to a Xhosa woman, Patricia and Swizz man. Trevor's life story remains a firm inspiration to many South Africans.

4. Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron remains Mzansi's golden girl, well of course, hence she was reportedly the first South African actor to win the prestigious Academy Award (Oscar). Her performance on Monster saw her gaining fame that she has now used to also raise awareness in the humanitarian side of things.

5. Roger Federer

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Okay, we didn't see this one coming... Tennis wizard, Roger Federer also has some of that strong African blood in him. His mother, Lynette was born and bred in Kempton Park, South Africa. Roger credits his mom's athletic streak for his chosen career as she was also a top athlete in her youth. Being in - tune with his South African roots has partly moulded him to be who he is today.

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