AKA Gives Fan HIS SneAKA!

This is what you get for being a loyal AKA fan

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This weekend was all about the brand new Reebok SneAKA which finally launched across the country and the rapper's fanbase was ecstatic at the news. But nobody was happier for AKA than this Supa fan who impressed the rapper so much that even Kiernan had to give him a Mega reward for his loyalty.

It's definitely AKA season right now. The rapper has just launched his first-ever shoe, is celebrating going Diamond and is currently promoting the hotly anticipated #OrchestraEthekwini. It's all going well for him and it looks as if nobody appreciates his hard work more than his fans. We've always known that the Megacy is one of the most loyal fanbases around, but this weekend it looked like AKA found the self-appointed chairman of the fanbase.

The Main Ou's rapper took to Twitter to share the story of a young fan who impressed him so much by showing up to the SneAKA launch with a bottle of AKA's Cruz Watermelon Vodka, a pair of the new shoes, and a mental library of every single AKA fan ever. All that was missing was for this guy to change his middle name to Kiernan!

AKA was so impressed that he paid tribute to the fan's dedication on Twitter when he wrote, "This is what happens when you come to the show with a bottle of watermelon in one hand, a Reebok sneaker in the other, and sing every lyric start to finish. "

But he wasn't done! He shared a video of their exchange where the father-of-one got to know his fan a little better before performing one of the sweetest gestures we've seen from a celebrity in a minute. AKA actually took of his SneAKAs and gave them to his most esteemed fan!

The fan actually just wanted a picture with his hero but Kiernan took it three levels further when he took off the shoes he was wearing and gave them to him before declaring, "I don't think you need a picture after that!". Watch how excited the young man was below:

This won't be the last opportunity that fans have to get their hands on the highly coveted shoe. AKA has also been considering reward fans who buy tickets for AKA Orchestra eThekwini with a pair of the brand new shoes. He teased on Twitter:

If anybody is asking, I'm a size 9!

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