AKA on why artists don't get radio airplay

Yikes! Is AKA harshly responding to Heavy K's plea?

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While many have been looking for better ways to get by in 2019, some are seemingly not buying into this fresh start, particularly Fela and Versace hitmaker, AKA.

On Sunday, the rapper took to his Instagram stories to "clear the air".

Well, just in case you missed it, Heavy K took to his Twitter page a few days ago penning his ails about the music industry and how some renowned artists have allegedly been using payola.

Following that report, it appears that AKA has a mouthful to add onto that topic.
Taking to Instagram, the rapper said: “Let me tell you why radio doesn’t play your sh*t. Cause your sh*t doesn’t bang bro. Okay? You’re not making hot shit. That’s why the radio isn’t playing you. It’s that simple. Make hot sh*t, and you will get airplay. The reason you’re not getting airplay is because your sh*t is not dope that’s it.”

He went on to reiterate the point that everyone who's been complaining about radio airplay has simply not been releasing good enough music.

“When you were dope and your sh*t was banging and you had all the deals and you were making money and you were touring. Everyone was playing your sh*t, you weren’t complaining, you weren’t complaining... Now everyone is against you. No, it’s because you’re not making hot sh*t," he said.

Nandi Madida was amongst the artists that concurred with Heavy K's plea.

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