AKA proves himself in the WWE ring

We thought he was just going to perform hey. 

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When AKA announced that he was going to be part of the #WWELive festivities, we thought 'oh, nice he's going to be performing'. Little did we know...

If we're being for real though being a wrestler does involve some kind of performing, so in a sense he was performing? 

Anyway, AKA was in the ring... as in he was talking smack and challenging wrestlers... in the ring. What made this appearance special though was that he was the first African artist to appear on the WWE, following in the footsteps of P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Here's how it went down. Supa Mega entered the ring, Supa Mega style with his entrance music being 'Composure'.

And what's an AKA appearance without a young freestyle to prove that he was THE best artist in the world after wrestler Elias claimed ownership of this title.

Of course, after proving to the crowd that he was the better artist we thought that was the end of it but NOPE. Since Elias couldn't prove he the best artist, he decided to gang up on Mega. Lucky for him, when he was up against the ropes he was saved by Finn Bailor

We see all the drama but can we please appreciate the Supa Mega's attire also. He came dressed for the occasion, like proper. 

All in all, Supa Mega seems like he had a great time. Fulfilling a childhood dream and all. See, goes to show that when you follow your heart, you can make anything happen. 

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