Could AKA be planning to propose to B?

She's turning 30 on Sunday and based on what he has planned, that would be the perfect time 

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Could AKA be planning to propose to B?

As B*'s 30th birthday approaches, her fan base has a lot of questions....

How will she celebrate? What will she wear? Where will she be? Who will she celebrate it with? And for someone who seems to have everything, what gifts does she want? 

And now, they might also have to stalk timelines to see if her bae, AKA, will be giving her the one gift that no one else can; a wedding proposal from the love of her life. 

Could AKA be planning to propose to B?

Fellow keen-eyed reporters over at Tshisa Live spotted her rapper bae, AKA, diamond shopping in his homie's Instagram stories and judging by the size of that rock, it could fit quite well in a pretty engagement ring...

In addition to that, B* told Drum, in a recent interview "I will be away on the actual day. My boyfriend says he is taking me to New York but I will only know when I get the boarding pass where I am going."

A baecay and some diamonds on your actual birthday? Not to hype you up or anything Bonang but it may be time to get that extra special manicure, just in case. 

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