Is AKA Okay?

Bhova seems exhausted

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AKA has just gone double platinum and has a massive tour in the works for us, but for some reason, he doesn't seem too happy and we're really curious as to why.

Kiernan Forbes is always loud. He's always bombastic and he's almost always full of confidence but this week we saw one of those rare moments where he's feeling a little low and many of his fans are beginning to grow concerned for the rapper.

It began with AKA revealing that his hit album Touch My Blood had gone Double Platinum but the rapper for some reason just didn't "care". His rant actually began with him wondering if he could ever "unmeet" certain people. At this stage we had no idea what was to come:

Before long it seemed as if we had gotten to the crux of the matter. The rapper appears to be disillusioned with fame and the constant cycle of hitmaking and record making. As well as this, he also suggested that there are issues in his personal life which he needs to deal with.

Here are some of the highlights from the rapper's mellowed-down rant:

Unless this is a set up for a big publicity stunt (and really, would you put it past anybody in Mzansi after what we've all witnessed this year?) then we're certain that something has happened behind the scenes causing AKA some serious distress.

His opening tweet, which expressed the desire to "unmeet" someone (or some people) was the first to raise eyebrows and but the rest of the monologue made for some worrying reading for those who want to see tha rapper happy.

Do you think AKA is okay?

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