Watch: AKA Smashes Phone Out His Way

He wasn't having it that night.

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South African rapper, AKA spoilt a fan's night after smashing her cellphone as she was merely capturing the exciting and possibly rare opportunity of watching AKA perform live.

The Caiphus song hitmaker was booked at the snazzy Ayepyep joint in Menlyn, Pretoria. However, the mood turned sour after AKA grabbed a cellphone from one of his fans from the crowd and smashed it.

According to Tshisa LIVE, the victims of this incident came forward to speak to the publication. One of them being Moosa Kaula, she said the following about her friend, Mary's ordeal:

"I was with my friends on Saturday at Ayepyep in Menlyn, where we were taking pics with AKA. My
friend Mary Phahladi, who is a huge AKA fan, was in the crowd taking pics and she managed to get a picture with him. She was so happy. "

After performing his full set, the young fans of the rapper attempted to follow up with him as the phone was allegedly only a month old. However, they were given the cold shoulder, both by AKA and his security.

Moosa added the following: "I don't think there's anything Mary did to anger him because we were just dancing."

Below is a video shared by Moosa, where the rapper is seen smashing the phone just seconds after AKA is recorded walking through the crowd.

There is little doubt that AKA is oblivious to his latest actions, hence he proudly made mention of this fact on his hit single, 10 Fingers. Whereby he rapped the following:" "Please don't put me on Snapchat, I'm throwing phones off balconies."

We're not quite sure what persuaded AKA to smash the phone, but he did mention recently that he doesn't want to be famous anymore. Maybe at that moment, it dawned on him once again that he really dislikes being famous hence he directed his frustration about fame towards Mary and her phone.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@akaworldwide