'We Gotchu King'

Fans rally behind the Supa Mega.

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The Megacy found themselves concerned about their fave rapper, AKA, after he posted a tweet, expressing how a "life-changing" deal was hanging by a thread because of people he had made agreements with before.

Even though the rapper didn't mention those  who are stopping him from securing a bag (or two), his fans had an idea of what he may be tweeting about.

About a week ago, AKA hinted that a big deal would be announced between him and a mobile brand that's doing big things right now. And when he tweeted that the much-anticipated announcement had to be put on hold so he could "fight" some parasitic people.

But once that tweet was posted, there seemed to be nothing but L-O-V-E from the fans.

Although it's disheartening to hear that the King Forbes could have been cheated out of something big but it seems like he always has a backup plan and another one after that.

He and his bae, DJ Zinhle could be levelling up their game with a major joint deal of their own.

Read about AKA and DJ Zinhle's securing the bag here 

His fans continued to give him some solid advice that SupaMega would appreciate.

What was the deal that could've stopped AKA from pursuing something bigger?
Let us know your conspiracy theories.

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