What's in the box AKA?

Could this be the rapper's next BIG move? 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | AKA  | Top of The


If AKA had his way, we scheme everything else would take a backseat to his Reekbok deal, (well, except the Cruz one, that's pretty important).

Up until now, the collaboration has been pretty standard: everytime the man was in the public eye, he had to be Reebok clad. He's kept to his side of the bargain, but somehow, we found it awfully unusual that as a rapper there was no talk of a signature sneaker or apparel of some sort. That is until now. The people's fave took to Twitter to post pics of.. well..take a look...

What could it be? The man's talking about designing and negotiation, so could it be what we think it is? What do you think he was 'designing' for Reebok? Well, he opened it and voila! It looks like some kicks.

He took some pics of the shoes and wow, the small parts are looking like heat. Do you think the overall shoe will be dope?

Main image credit: instagram.com/akaworldwide