"You Are One Of Them" - Fans Tell AKA On His Celeb Flex Tweet

AKA believes that SA celebrities don't inspire the fans

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It's a well known fact that AKA is one of the most candid celebrities in South Africa - he never holds back and many of his fans love that about him.

Over the years, however, he's been vocal about some of his tweets landing him in hot water and decided to slow down a bit.

But that has not stopped the Supa Mega from throwing shade every now and again.

In a recent tweet, AKA threw the whole tree at our Zalebs (well... 99% of them) when he said that they are not about inspiring the masses because all they care about is flexing.

Interestingly, the tweet was not received as well as we had expected.

Black Twitter was not at all impressed with the statement. Many felt that AKA was being a hypocrite because he is included in that 99%.

One user made it clear that they (fans) don't care because they get their inspiration from reading books. Now that's some real flex!

If there's anything SA ought to have learned about AKA by now, is that he's an "I said what I said" type of guy.

The Fela in Versace hit maker continued, by posting a picture of himself and adorable little Kairo with the caption : "You can't  buy this at a Gucci store"

Now, how about that?

In the words of the great philosopher, Kairo Owethu Forbes "Hlala phansi you silly dog!"

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