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If you missed out on Sunday night's most entertaining episode don't worry we got you.

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Simphiwe and Riaan

First off, let us add that we're quite excited about Nomsa Buthelezi's return to Our Perfect Wedding (OPW). Her humour and pizzazz were greatly missed and she sure made this episode extra special for the newly-weds.

OPW introduced us to Simphiwe and Riaan's journey of love which was probably one of the most interesting episodes we've watched in a minute.


The two had met a few years ago and since then they've been joined at the hip.

The supportive mother and grandmother

Everything about this wedding was beautiful including the support and love Simphiwe and Riaan received from Simphiwe's mother and grandmother.ย 

Simphiwe's grandmother was an absolute doll!ย 

We loved how she kept on reminding the couple that no matter what happens, what is important in life is the love and the mutual respect they have for each other.ย 

Her support was truly hearwarming.

The gay polygamous pastor

Theย ultimate highlight of this episode was theย pastor who was in charge of the wedding ceremony.

To say the pastor took the spotlight from the couple would be an understatement.

He was all kinds of hilarious and strange, from him sharing that he is in a polygamous marriage with a man and a woman, to him quoting a Bible verse that doesn't even exist.

People were so taken aback by the Samuel 26:1 quote they had to go check their own Bibles to make sure they hadn't been reading the wrong Bible.

That pastor really had a lot of us confused.

The dance moves
Then there were the various dance moves that were performed at the wedding

Shame this groomsman just couldn't hit the voshoย like most of us can.

And although we appreciate contemporary dance moves, we don't think this was the right audience for such a performance and as expected viewers had a field day with this performance.

They just didn't get it.

Nomsa Buthelezi

Once again, we welcome Nomsa with open arms the viewers were just as happy about her return.

Shout out to Nomsa, may we see her on more episodes of OPW.

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