All the times celebs spent your school fees money

How dare they enjoy the money they've worked for when UJ is calling you to remind you how much you owe them? 

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All the times celebs spent your school fees money

We’ve heard it countless times… You know, every time a person with money buys themselves something nice and shows the world, there will always be that ONE person that will feel entitled to that money. Either for themselves or for others.

“You could have paid someone’s school fees with that”

“Why didn’t you just give it to charity?”

It has become so bad that even Somizi has to put out a disclaimer before making big-ticket purchases.


This came after he expressed his wish to buy a horse on his reality show, Living The Dream With Somizi, and was told it would cost him R100,000.00. Yikes!  

Which takes us to all the times celebs spent your school fees money. 

1. When Vusi Nova bought Somizi a R12,000.00 pair of shoes

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2. When AKA took Bonang to Thailand with first class everything and a shopping spree to top it off.

AKA x B Thailand champagne
Khanyi Mbau

4. Whenever Kenny Kunene does anything really…

But you see guys and dolls, it’s THEIR money and no matter how much they have of it in abundance, they do not owe you anything.

Life is both hard and expensive and it would be great to get some help every once in a while but that is exactly what it is - help.

When they do something charitable and show it off, you don’t think it is sincere. When they do help others out and keep quiet about it, you assume they’re not doing it.

As easy as you think the entertainment industry is, these people worked hard for what they had and they help where they can. They are allowed to spoil themselves and show it off without you reminding them of the reality of your financial situation.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing on their feeds, always remember that there is an unfollow button right at the top of everyone’s page. 

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