Amanda Du Pont's motor diary: From a McLaren to a Rolls Royce

She's driven the best cars money can buy

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Just a few months ago the actress and media personality levelled up with a new set of McLaren wheels as a gift to herself, a few months down the line and Amanda is stunting in the latest Rolls Royce model.

But before you get too ahead of yourself, no, she did not purchase a Rolls Royce but let's just say she knows how to network well hence she got invited to test drive the new Rolls Royce Cullinan just days before it hits the market, which means she's one of the few people to be seen driving this bad boy.

The video's and pictures left her fans in such awe at how seemingly amazing her life is right now, one follower even proposed the idea of becoming her Ben 10 so that he can also live his best life through her.

"Can I just be ur Ben 10 for a month just to have fun in my life," commented the follower.

This year has been nothing short of amazing for Amanda as she not only got this purple beast for a car but also got engaged to the love of her life and made it on the cover of Glamour magazine's  October issue. So looking from the outside in, you can't blame us for thinking that life is seemingly going more than ok for the actress.


Maybe some of us should get some life lessons from Amanda on how to live such an awesome life, we know we're only seeing her life through Instagram but damn, the woman is living!

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