[Watch]: A Sneak Peek Into Andile Jali's House

This is how dream houses look like

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Andile Jali
Andile Jali is a professional soccer player who currently plays for Mamelodi Sundowns. The midfielder has enjoyed a successful career on the pitch. He has played for some of the biggest clubs in South Africa as well as the national team- Bafana Bafana.

The gifted footballer is a lover of soft life and the soft life clearly loves him back too. He lives in a beautiful palatial home and drives some of the most expensive machines.

Here is a look at Andile Jali’s house, some of his cars and what his net worth is. If you’ve been looking for some dream house inspiration, then this is it.

Details about Andile Jali’s house

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The house is located on a large compound in a serene, leafy neighbourhood somewhere in Eastern Cape.

It is surrounded by tall trees, a beautiful green lawn and a beautiful garden. There is a pond in the compound that ducks like to swim in and a swimming pool for the family to swim in.

Still outside the house, there is a fully carpeted workout space for the soccer player and his family to exercise.

Andile Jali’s house has plenty of rooms that are all fully furnished. A large open-plan living room is located on the ground floor. The living room’s walls are painted in a warm cream colour and textured with artistic wallpaper.

It is also fully furnished with expensive dark furniture, a few wall paintings, tasteful pieces of art and lots of mirrors. The living area opens up to an equally tastefully furnished dining room with exquisite furniture, and shiny silverware. The house reportedly also has a wine cellar, a walk-in closet and a fully equipped modern kitchen.

The bedrooms are located upstairs, and like the living room, they are also beautifully furnished. 


Andile Jali’s cars

Andile Jali's car, source: 3-d car shows
Besides living in a beautiful house, Andile Jali also drives equally expensive sleek machines including a BMW 1 Series M, Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Peugeot 508 and a Trailhawk DSL 4*4.

What is Andile Jali’s net worth?

Andile Jali, source: Instagram

As of 2022, Andile Jali’s net worth is estimated at around $3.5 million which he has made from his career as a footballer.

He is reportedly the highest-paid football player in Mamelodi Sundowns and earns around $37,600 per month or around $9,400 and his market value is estimated at about $1.1 million.

Andile Jali’s wife

A few years ago, Andile Jali was married to socialite Nohnle Ndala and the two were blessed with three beautiful children.

There was drama in the couple’s paradise a few years back after cheating allegations marred with physical and verbal abuse by both parties and the couple reportedly split.

In 2021, some reports indicated that Andile Jali was dating The Real Housewives of Johannesburg star Brinnette Seopela and that the two were even planning on getting married. The two denied the dating allegations and claimed that they were only friends.

Although the rumours of Andile Jali and Brinnette eventually died down, their is a new rumour in town insinuating that Andile Jali and life coach- Nokuphiwa Mathithibala are now dating and according to Musa Khawula, Andile has already paid lobola for her. 

The two have been spotted together looking all lovey-dovey and along with showing up for his matches, Nokuphiwa Mathithibala has also been posting her bae on Instagram and sharing the sweetest messages for him and social media in-laws think they are perfect for each other and they should get married already.

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